Small Steps. Big Change.
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Support for all, that won’t drain you or the planet!

We are a non profit organisation designed to do one thing – create a more sustainable world. Yes, this is a mammoth task, but through small manageable actions, your organisation can become part of a global movement of change.

Services include:

  • Training
    • Short courses
    • Accreditations
    • CPD courses
  • Organisation Assessments
    • Basic audits
    • ISO 14001 accreditations
    • Sustainable accreditations
  • Research & projects
    • R&D
    • Process testing
    • Low carbon initiatives

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Having a plan feels good.

It can seem like a daunting task to create a sustainable approach to your organisation. Sustainable Society was set up to make that journey a much easier transition. Through our resources, you can map out what that journey should look like and how best to embed it.

How did it all start

We are a group of industry professionals that wanted to bring sustainable actions to the masses. Making it easy and accessible for everyone to get involved - seen as we all share the same planet! Our aims are simple, we want to make sure that everyone has a plan of how to negate the impacts of modern life to reduce climate change, carbon emissions and improve regeneration in our industries around the UK

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Our mission

Our vision is to create a sustainable society through learning and action; for a better today and a brighter tomorrow.

If we care for just one person on the planet (or even just a pet),  then we have a part to play to create a sustainable and socially conscious world.

Our ethos

We are underpinned by the Sustainable Development Goals, a global framework to align actions across the world. Whilst we input into all the goals in different ways, our priority focus is: