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UK Environmental Bill 2019-2020

Currently, the UK's water, air, waste and wildlife standards are enforced by the EU. Previous assertions by the government suggested that post-Brexit such standards would remain at a high level. However, several previous opportunities, four to date, have been passed up by the government without concrete commitment, leaving many to believe these assessments merely provide a veneer appearance of concern when in fact no real concern may exist. The cost of a relaxation of the protection standards will have immeasurable and long term negative consequences to land, water, and wildlife. This bill is up for debate today, the proceedings of which shall hopefully provide more clarity...

Sustainable Society at Staffordshire Business Festival

Sustainable Society is excited to present at the flagship Staffordshire Business Festival event held at the new Smart Innovation Hub at Keele University. Sustainable Society Founder and Managing Director Kate Copeland will provide an introduction to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The United Nations developed the SDGs for the implementation of sustainable principles which provides a framework for all businesses, large and small. To learn more about this seminar and the Staffordshire Business Festival: An Introduction to Sustainability 5 November 2019, Tuesday Keele University, Smart Innovation Hub 10:30am - 11:30am Free ...