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Why SMEs Should Move toward Sustainability

Aside from helping the planet, there are other, salient reasons for SMEs to move toward or accelerate their sustainable agendas and goals; reasons that translate into higher revenue.

Increasingly, consumers and businesses are choosing to engage with companies that align with their philosophy and values. Sustainability is an exponentially growing area of concern for the general public, and that translates to a growing interest in where they spend the money.

“According to the Nielsen report, “Brands that are able to strategically connect (sustainability) to actual behaviour are in a good place to capitalize on increased consumer expectation and demand.” The report adds, “Sustainability claims on the packaging must also reflect how a company operates inside and out.”*

Whether you own a small travel agency and can provide to clients a bevvy of sustainable and eco-friendly travel options or are an accounting firm that can boast a near paperless service and green server storage, being a business with a keen awareness and a robust, sustainable action plan is a benefit, and can make the difference of a client, small or large, choosing to sign with you.

Nielson Consumer Insights Reporting


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